How KASCO is different?

At KASCO, every day comes with different challenges which are in fact the opportunities to shape yourself and contribute to build a better working culture. This endless process of elevating ourselves day by day helps us to serve our clients, our communities with more innovative and responsive business solutions. Every advice we give to our clients, every audits we perform, every tax returns we file, every conversation we carry out with our clients and our colleagues brings more opportunities, creates more appetite to learn newer things and zeal to think differently than our peers.

Multi Facet vis-a-vis focused exposures
KASCO provides its personnel whether a student or an employee, to gain the overall experience of all the area of professional competencies. At KASCO we have clear cut demarcation of various divisions which provides the person an opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and expertise as well over a period of time.
"You first" approach at KASCO
We at KASCO are a team. We work in a conducive environment. Your inputs and ideas are heard and even acted upon. At KASCO we believe in inclusive development. Whatever is your position, whether a student, junior employee, senior employee or senior executive, all are free to put their views. We at KASCO work towards the betterment of working culture. We are always learners of better things.
"Proprietary" Concept at KASCO
We at KASCO provide an independent and free work culture to our students and members. The responsibilities are fixed for every person from top to bottom. You shall be given full freedom to do work. Unrestricted work culture is the motto at KASCO. You are the owner of your work performance. We have developed the culture that every one working at KASCO would feel that he is the owner of KASCO and sharing the knowledge and experience with colleagues. When any assignment is given to you at KASCO then it shall become your own baby. By giving such a degree of freedom, we aim to develop the sense of ownership and responsibility among the employees and students.
Support at KASCO
KASCO has an in-built system of providing all kind of support to its personnel. All round knowledge, technical, professional, ethical back-up is ready at KASCO. At KASCO we have our own physical and digital library to satisfy your knowledge appetite. If you are stuck up in some technical bottleneck, at KASCO, you would get the help of our seniors. We at KASCO has the system of internal information flow that provides you the helping hand in your needs.
Leading edge working style
KASCO is known for its professionalism, ethics and transparency. We have a very clear understanding not to compromise our values at any costs. KASCO delivers the results. Our working style and culture is way ahead of our peers. We at KASCO believe in working with utmost care, accuracy and speed. We believe not to waste time but at the same time not to become workaholic machines. We at KASCO has very clear understanding that the every member of Team KASCO shall deliver the results with full hearted attempts.
Work and life at KASCO
At KASCO, when you join, you would surely feel to have entered into a new world which is totally different than the world you left behind. Every day at KASCO is full of challenges and opportunities for you which will bring a lots of excitement and thrill. Every day you’ll gain experience that will last for lifetime. We welcome the individuals with different back grounds and cultures who in turn bring novel ideas and skills which in turn helps us to serve the business community in a better and innovative way. At KASCO we have well defined policies and procedures for carrying out the work and assignment. At KASCO we follow the SOPs for our internal work procedures and dealing with clients. A clear demarcation of authority and responsibility with hierarchical structure is set up at KASCO. At KASCO we are proud that you share our goals so that we can work together to deliver the best results.
How KASCO transforms you?
Transformation is the life blood for any human being who wants to develop and flourish. Today it is the need of the time that if you want to survive, you have to be different than mass. KASCO makes you different than your peers.
Article ship Training at KASCO
When you join KASCO as a student you are a new bird to the professional world. At KASCO, we provide an integrated training as per the guidelines of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Article ship training at KASCO is altogether a different experience. We believe in all round development of a trainee who shall leave KASCO with tones of life memorable experience. At KASCO we have developed an integrated training module so that the article trainee shall get considerable exposure to the professional world along with the ground reality of the professional work culture. We at KASCO believe that you are the future of the profession. At KASCO you will find freedom to learn, to work, to develop your skills. KASCO has such a work culture that enables the student to develop ownership sense for the work. At KASCO you’ll never find the work monotonous but a challenging task. After your stipulated training, when you come out to the market, you’ll be full of experience of professional work culture. You’ll be proud of yourself to have training at KASCO.
Employees' CPE
Every personnel at KASCO is special. We believe in the philosophy that everyone has a right to develop himself. KASCO provides a platform to all its employees to share his knowledge and expertise with their colleagues. We at KASCO has developed the Continuous Professional Education (CPE) modules for the employees so that they can present their views on various aspects. We provide our employees the platform to deliver their thoughts to the other employees of KASCO. We provide our employees to present their papers on various topics so that other employees can also be benefited. We provide them the opportunities to develop their personal skills, to motivate themselves and to mitigate public fear. We at KASCO aim to develop the high quality professionals in the interest of the society at large.