About Us

  • The foundation stone was laid way back in 1967 by Late CA Ashvin Sanghavi in the form of Ashvin Sanghavi & Co. With a very small setup at Surat. He was the pioneer of the idea of establishing a professional firm which can serve its clients with pure professionalism, accuracy, honesty and sincerity.

    The firm went on flourish and achieved the leading position in South Gujarat. Ashvin Sanghavi was recognised as the authority in The Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. He was a visionary and passionate in developing the professional skills to work in better working world.

    This legacy has been carried out even in his absence and today KASCO has grown as a matured organisation and renders multi facet professional services to various organisation operating in different industries.

  • Our values reflect our face. Our values show who we are and these are the epicentre of our ground beliefs. They influence and guide us in our work and make our efforts more improvised and goal oriented. They add fuel in our efforts in pursuing our goals. They make us feel how our clients and society at large experience us.

    • We believe in integrity, sincerity, commitment and transparency.
    • We lead with energy, enthusiasm and courage.
    • We believe in doing right practice in a right way.
    • We believe in advising in right direction with utmost preservation of transparency with clients.
    • We accept our responsibility towards society.
    • We believe in partnering in nation building through professionalism, knowledge and transformation.
  • At KASCO, we work as a team and each one of us has a role to play being part and parcel of the whole work process.

    At KASCO, we work endlessly for the benefits of our clients within four corners of the legal framework.

    At KASCO, our approach is to deliver the results with high temperament but with professionalism.

    At KASCO, our approach towards the work is to enjoy the work but with ethics and culture.

    At KASCO, we believe to develop and maintain the long lasting relations with our clients by providing them flawless services.

    At KASCO, we are always ready to adopt and practice newer techniques, thoughts to keep us on track with the changing business and legal environment within the country and across the globe.

  • At KASCO, we have senior partners who are dynamic, enthusiastic, experienced and well versed with various laws. These qualities make them more focused on the issues of the clients and responsive to the queries of clients.

    Our leadership believe in development of each and every person in the organisation. At KASCO, we have developed the core teams for the core issues and each team is headed by the leader with freedom, authority and responsibilities thus provide them the opportunity to develop the leadership and managerial skills.

    Our leadership has structured the set-up in such a way that work execution has become flawless and through quick decision making we are always in a position to execute our strategy by providing high-quality services to our clients.

  • At KASCO, we believe our people as assets and not as merely employees. We provide them a state of the art working conditions which allow them to work with free mind and without stress. We at KASCO provide our people all tools to strengthen their abilities and gain knowledge. We organise regular meetings and seminars for our multi level staff as a part of CPE (Continuing Professional Education). We allow our people to present their papers and presentations on various topics and issues. We provide them the facilities to have group discussion and open house to share their views. By providing such a competitive work culture, we believe that our people shall really become our assets and they develop a sense of responsibility, professionalism and ownership for the organisation.

    At KASCO we have developed a culture of integrity within diversification. Each department works as a support to the other department. We have developed the culture of co-operation and not rivalry. Each one has a chance to prove his/ her abilities and at the same time each one has chance to overcome his / her weaknesses.

  • For Society :

    When we talk about responsibility at KASCO, we are describing both, the mindset that ensures the responsible thinking towards society and to demonstrate the professional skills to create the positive change in the communities at large. We believe in creating the responsible mindsets in people with whom we come across during our professional interaction. We at KASCO have the philosophy not to indulge in mal-practices and at the same time to keep the systems crystal clear. We at KASCO, have the culture that produce a truly professional but at the same time noble and ethical human beings. We all are part and parcel of this society and KASCO is not an exception.

    For Clients :

    At KASCO, we believe in delivering value for money. We ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. At KASCO, our prime objective is to give the best advice to our clients at the same time to make them updated in every aspect of the business as well as various laws and legal complications. At KASCO, we ensure every time that our clients shall get the best services with total commitment from our side. We at KASCO follow total transparency in dealing with clients. We at KASCO always ensure that our clients shall get the best possible solutions within the legal framework at all the time.

    For Nation Building :

    We at KASCO believe in the philosophy of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in India) that the profession of a Chartered Accountant is a noble profession and we as Chartered Accountants are the partners in the Nation Building. We at KASCO provide the Articles Students a comprehensive training as per the prescribed guidelines of ICAI and by doing so we make tomorrow’s Chartered Accountants who shall further contribute in the Nation building. We advise and encourage the clients to disclose full, true and correct income and by paying correct tax on the same contribute to the National Ex-chequer. We at KASCO believe in giving correct and genuine advice to our clients and thereby saving them from being trapped in the avoidable luxurious litigation. By doing so we believe that we can save time, energy and cost of the clients and the national machineries as well. KASCO is proud of being Indian firm with high standards of ethics, professionalism, transparency and commitment.

    For professional development :

    At KASCO, we have an integrated programme of CPE (Continuing Professional Education). We have an integrated training modules for the Articles Clerks that make them well aware of each and every aspect of the profession. At KASCO, we believe in the philosophy of the human values and human assets. AT KASCO, being a worthy member, an employee shall get all the chances of his / her personal development. At KASCO, we follow the system of paper writing and presentations by the employees and article clerks at regular intervals. We have our own sets of SOPs to be followed with strict adherence to the ethics and professionalism. We at KASCO organise seminars and talks on recent issues, emerging business complexities, Accounting Standards, IT developments, world business scenarios and lot more on regular intervals to keep the people at KASCO more knowledge worthy, sound, updated on technological development.

  • KASCO is the registered entity with & Peer Reviewed by ICAI and hence the Ethics are the backbone of KASCO. We at KASCO follow the high standards of professional and moral ethics. We have high standards of client satisfaction which is not possible without following the ethics. At KASCO we believe that the code of conduct is a clear set of standards for our day to day working. Our ethics provide us the behavioural framework on which our decision is based in our professional interactions. Our ethics provide guidelines which are broadly categorised in a way that cover the entire foray of our activities. These are:

    • Working culture within KASCO
    • Working culture with clients and others
    • Professional integrity and commitment
    • Objectiveness and independence in work
    • Value of human capital working within the organisation and outside organisation
    • Services to the clients
    • Services to the society and partnership in nation building
    • Say No to illegal and unethical practice
    • Say Yes to adaptiveness & technological advancements